Monday, 17 June 2019

Prevenge - a wild, witchy ride

Prevenge is a feminist film about grief and madness. It gets a witchy 5/5 from me, namely because it's slick as fuck - pulsing with sinister techno and lurid colours. Despite its ridiculous premise, there's a real pathos to the lead character's bloodthirsty travails. Much to my surprise, it drew light on issues such as toxic motherhood and the unrelenting horrors of the patriachy.

Without being preachy, it feels like a satire on society's expectations of womanhood/motherdom and the systems that keep women down. For example, its unnervingly oblivious nurses ("it's all about baby now") and beaten down old women - crushed by the oblivious, selfish males around them.

Take a look: it's a wild ride, and kind of moving too.

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